The fans detailed here are the amongst the most popular fans used in commercial ventilation systems

This range includes various centrifugal fans that are powerful and yet simple to install with single and three phase supply and spigot connections. The fans in this section have connection sizes to suit the common duct sizes of 100, 150, 160, 200, 250, 315, 355, 400 mm, plus some models have spigot adapters to other size circular duct connections.

All fans in this section are suitable for medium and high pressure systems, centrifugal fans are designed produce high pressure and this range reflects that.
The smple but effective RR range offers an eccomical and effective solution for systems up to 315mm diameter.
The SV range is a compact low height in line fan range. Ideal for tight spaces such ceiling voids where the height is limited but the width is less important. The access to the fan section from below means the when fitted behind a false ceilng for example the maintenance is simple.
The SB silent box range offers a quiet but powerful extract fan that fits in line in the ducting whilst the occupied space enjoys quiet ventilation. Access to the fan section is easy by removing a panel and taking out the complete fan.   
The MB centrifugal range has the traditional Centrifugal fan shape and is provided with a swing out fan and motor section for easy cleaning and maintenance.
This commercial range has been developed to provide fan to suit most common application in the building services sector

Circular Centrifugal fans

RR single phase in line fans spigot connections for duct mounting sizes from 100 to 315 mm diameter. with a choice of 13 models in the range. This is a very cost effective fan range for every day applications.
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SVV, SVR & SVS range of in line fans with duct mounting spigot connections for duct mounting sizes from 75 to 200 mm diameter. These are referred to slim fans since they have a very low height for their performance and are suitable for tight spaces such as false ceilings. SVS are acoustically lined for noise sensitive extract systems.
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SB Silent box in line fan with duct mounting spigot connections for duct mounting sizes from 125 to 400 mm diameter with a choice of 12 models in the range. Specifically designed for noise sensitive applications having acoustic lining to duct-bourn and breakout noise transmission.
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MBW/MBD single and three phase centrifugal fans with circular spigot connections for duct mounting sizes from 160 to 400 mm diameter. All fans in this range have swing out motor and impellers for easy cleaning and maintenance.
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