Heat recovery units are designed to improve the air quality inside the rooms whilst recovering most of the heat from the extracted air.

Heat recovery units provide both extract of the air and supply of filtered and heated replacement air to provide excellent quality air within the occupied space.The units are supplied complete with supply and extract fans, filters and heater and controller. There two basic styles the vertical units are wall hung and have supply and extract  ducting connections on the top. The horizontal units are supplied wit the ducting connections on the ends of the unit so the air path through the unit is in the horizontal plane.

Vertical heat recovery units

Horizontal heat recovery units

KWLC - EC range

KWLC Range 

DV72 EC unit

The KWLC - EC 200 with a flow rate up-to 250 m3/h and the KWLC - EC 300 /with a flow rate up-to 300 m3/h. Both models are supplied either Eco or Pro, the Eco is the simple solution with a 4 step operation switch and the Pro is designed to enable the unit to be controlled depending on the CO2 level, the humidity level or fro a BMS system and has a summer by-pass. All models have highly efficient EC motors  and counter cross-flow heat exchangers for increased efficiency. More info The KWLC 350 with a nominal flow rate of 350 m3/h and the KWLC 650 with a nominal flow rate of 650 m3/h. Both models are available with either electrical or LPHW heating. Bothe models are available in the standard (duct connections one above the other) or laying down (duct connections side by side) style. There are an EC models in the 350 size only but there is not laying down version of these.

The DV 72 range with efficiency  of up to 91%, flows up to 280 m3/h and will fit inside a 600 mm kitchen cupboard. Supplies with a 5 speed controller to provide 5 volume settings.

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